Official Onion Mirror Torzon Market:

Note: Torzon Market is only accessible through the Tor browser and is not available on the clearnet network. Any site claiming to provide access to the market via clearnet will be a honeypot or scam site. The only genuine mirrors are those listed above and always ending in .onion. They may be updated periodically for security reasons, so we always recommend checking here first.s


Torzon market product availability

TorZon currently hosts over 5000 listings spread across the following main categories: Drugs, Psychedelics, Stimulants, THC, Fraud, Digital Goods, Counterfeits, Carding Ware, Services, Guides & Tutorials, Services & Hosting, Security & Hosting, and Software & Malware. Over 60% of these listings are for drugs, with Cannabis being the most popular subcategory, containing 417 listings. Most vendors are from the EU, but Abacus Market there are also vendors from the UK, US, and Thailand. Some vendors offer worldwide shipping.

Torzon darknet market FAQ

Here we answer 10 of the most commonly asked questions from users of Torzon market:

1. Which cryptocurrencies are accepted on Torzon?
Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR), However we recommend XMR as BTC fees are much higher and not as stable.

2. How long does it take for the coins to appear in the wallet market Torzon?
1 confirmation for Bitcoin and 10 confirmations for Monero. However if you use walletless pay (pay at the checkout), you don’t need to wait!

3. Are wallet addresses Torzon dynamic?
Yes. Please do not deposit into the same one twice. If you do, you will need to create a support ticket on Torzon onion then we can credit your account manually.

4. Do trades use escrow?
Yes, this is for protection of users. Some trusted vendors have Finalize Early permissions meaning they get paid immediately. !

5. How long before the trade is completed on Torzon?
Up to 14 days. You can extend by up to a week if you need to. If you have an account with us as Basic-Plus+ or Premium, you may extend for a further week. We recommend to finalize once you receive the order and feedback on the experience.

6. What are the fees for selling items?
4% (which makes us lower than many competitor markets).

7. How does the dispute system work?
We recommend contacting the vendor raising a dispute, but you can escalate any open order as a dispute. A shared communication will be opened to allow dialogue between both the buyer and vendor which will be overseen by a moderator. In the event a resolution cannot be agreed upon, the moderator will make the final decision.

8. Can vendors buy products on Torzon?
Not using their vendor account. This is for the security of the vendor. Just create a separate customer account.

9. What is vacation mode?
This means a vendor is away and not trading at the moment, therefore not accepting any new orders.

10. What if I suspect I’m being scammed?
Open a dispute or report the vendor, we will take care of it.